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With a variety of features and brands we hope our site will help you to make the best choice for your next pair of triathlon cycling shoes.

So you’re a triathlete now. You’ve done a few sprint triathlons or perhaps even an olympic distance triathlon but now your looking to improve your triathlon performance. What piece of triathlon gear can make a big improvement on your performance? You could spend thousands of dollars on a new bike or even more money on aero wheels. Well I’m here to tell you that buying a quality pair of triathlon cycling shoes is that one piece of gear you probably didn’t even consider until now. For a triathlete the connection between your fitness and your bike's ability to exploit that fitness is through your triathlon cycling shoes. Your shoes make it possible for your body to convert your fitness from hours and hours of training directly into speed and endurance.

You'll probably ask yourself 'could I just use road cycling shoes'? Yes of course but getting in and out of your cycling shoes quickly and comfortably can set you up for success in your transitions and in turn make an impact on your overall performance thereby saving you time. Triathlon bike shoes are designed to be easy getting into and out of. You could be looking at shaving minutes off your transition time as well as your bike splits. When your feet are comfortable you will go farther and faster.

Having the right cycling shoes is critical to your success as a triathlete. You need to understand that triathlon cycling shoes should fit considerably tighter or more snug than running shoes. Your foot should hardly move at all inside your cycling shoe.

Too much movement within the shoes is an indication it's too big. This is one of the most common problems when buying triathlon cycling shoes. You'll know your cycling shoes are too big, if you experience problems such as such as blisters, hot spots, or numbnesss. Eliminating the movement of your feet within the shoes will help alleviate these symptoms.

Do not make the mistake of bying cheap cycling shoes. You wouldn't run a marathon in flip-flops so why would you buy cheap cycling shoes for your Ironman triathlon? Quality is what you pay for and receive. There are a lot of brands and different features and even materials. Shimano triathlon cycling shoes and Sidi triathlon cycling shoes are amoung the best available. Of course Louis Garneau, Scott Tri, and Bont, are worthy products too. And now you can even buy gender specific women's triathlon cycling shoes. This is great news for the ladies out there.

An important feature to consider for a triathon cycling shoe is how many straps does it have. You need a shoe with 1 strap to enable fast transitions after you getting out of the water in T1 and getting off the bike in T2. Be sure the strap opens away from drive train so it doesn't get caught up.

If your doing a sprint triathlon for example then time is off the essence so you need a triathlon cycling shoe that has 1 stap or 2 at the most. Just think about it. Having a shoe with 1 strap will make it easier to get into your shoes in T1 and then as your coming off the bike into T2. Be sure the strap opens away from your chain and cranks so it doesn't get caught up.

Sole stiffness is a critical aspect of triathlon cycling shoe performance. The sole needs to be very stiff to effectively translate power from the entire shoe to the pedal and this process needs to be provide comfort for the foot. Carbon fiber has become the choice material in recent years to make the shoe sole ultra stiff yet light compared to the old technique of injection molded plastic.

If your doing a longer race such the big kahuna an Ironman triathlon, well then comfortable triathlon cycling shoes are critical. Consider a shoe with plenty of ventilation and even a soft lining so that you could ride without socks in necessary. Your shoes enable your body to translate your fitness into speed. Having the right triathlon shoes is critical to your success as a triathlete. Triathlon cycling shoes should fit much tighter than running shoes or daily footwear. There should be no movement of the foot inside the shoe whatsoever.

One of the most common problems with a triathlon cycling shoe is buying it too big. Movement within the shoe will create problems such as blisters, black toenails, hot spots, and numb feat are symptoms of tiny movement within the cycling shoe. Correcting that movement will alleviate these symptoms.

So how do you test a triathlon cycling shoe? Well don’t just stand up in them because you’ll never be just standing or walking in them. You need to try them on while riding a bike. For this reason we recommend that you get properly fitted at a bike shop and they try them on a bike in the shop. Some shops will even allow you to bring your own bike to the shop and use an indoor trainer to test them out.

Recent Triathlon Bike Shoes Reviews

Louis Garneau Tri Speed Triathlon Bike ShoesLouis Garneau Tri Speed Triathlon Bike Shoes

The Louis Garneau Men's Tri Speed Shoe is an affordable triathlon shoe designed to be fast in transitions. It is made of synthetic leather that is durable and easy to wash.

Bont Sub 8 Triathlon Cycling ShoesBont Sub 8 Triathlon Cycling Shoes

When designing the sub-8 shoe, we did our research. We asked some of the world's top triathletes what they wanted in a shoe. Primarily they wanted a shoe that was fast in transition and that was easy to get on quickly. This shoe is made of 100% carbon fiber and is extremely light weight, coming in at just 225 grams, and has a super slim stack height of 3.6mm. Air is pumped into the shoe via the air gills in the arch of shoe as well as through 40 air vents.

Bont Sub 9 Triathlon Cycling ShoesBont Sub 9 Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Getting the right fit is essential for comfort and performance. You have heard terms like 'custom fit' but what do they mean? Most manufacturers define custom fit as a shoe with a small amount of moldability in the upper. Some also have a very small degree of heat moldability in the base. When we say this shoe is heat moldable, we really mean it. You can mold the sub-9 in any home oven and the amount of moldability is outrageous. If a shoe doesn't fit properly, you can't train or race at your optimum. The sub-9 has a two piece tongue that opens the shoe right up making it very easy for you to slip your foot in for a fast transition. Add to that, Bonts' patent pending built in shoe horn lets you put your shoe on with just one finger. This shoe also has a shoe protector for the heel which protects the shoe during the transition. The Sub-9 is available in Silver Shiny Microfiber.

We have participted in triathlons for years. We have tried many different brands of shoes. Here at we think Shimano Cycling Shoes, Sidi Triathlon Shoes, Bont Cycling Shoes, Louis Garneau Triathlon Cycling Shoes are some of the best we have come across.


We hope you enjoy your triathlon bike shoes as much as we enjoy ours.


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