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Pearl Izumi Try Fly III Triathlon Cycling Shoes

With a variety of features and brands we hope our site will help you to make the best choice for your next pair of triathlon cycling shoes.

Pearl Izumi Try Fly III Triathlon Cycling Shoes

If you are a cyclist then you already know this company because of their quality cycling shorts, cycling jerseys, and cycling gloves. In recent years they have branched out into triathlon cycling shoes. They do not enter a market unless they know they can dominate it and deliver quality products.

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Try Fly III triathlon shoe is revolutionizing the triathlete’s training and apparel. Unlike other companies and models that are made to look good and have all these features that don’t deliver, Izumi Pearl is merely here to give you good, quality products. Year after year they improve the model features looking for the smallest details to improve upon again and again.

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Try Fly III has a well-vented, unidirectional carbon fiber outsole, which makes it lightweight as well as extremely durable. There is minimal construction at the top of the shoe, which contributes to the lessened weight. It is also fully lined with mesh, so you can compete and train barefoot with complete comfort. In place of laces is a notched, reverse pull strap that makes changing in and out of this shoe a complete breeze. This is a feature that is absolutely necessary in a triathlon, because when it comes to competing, time is one of your adversaries.

Skydex cushioning provides greater cushioning than traditional foam. Also, it provides impact protection and energy return, unlike traditional materials that can eventually damage your foot. The Pearl Izumi Men’s Try Fly III has a 360-degree stitching system, for seamlessness.

Pearl Izumi has complete faith in their products, and that is why they offer their customers a lifetime warranty. The Pearl Izumi Men’s Try Fly III is no exception. This warranty will cover any product failure that results from the manufacturing itself, not from wear and tear or misuse and improper care; this means that if you find any fault in the shoe that comes from the fact that it had faulty manufacturing, you are free to send it back to Pearl Izumi anytime. The fact that this shoe comes with a lifetime warranty is exactly the thing that piques people’s attention, and you will understand why Pearl Izumi is confident enough to do this when you have tried out the product.

One of the reasons that the Pearl Izumi Men’s Try Fly III is so effective is the fact that Pearl Izumi bases its business on the simplicity of just making good footwear. It’s really just as simple as that. This shoe has no complexity, and no compromises. So trusting in Pearl Izumi is trusting in the tradition of good, quality products for a price that you can afford.

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We hope you enjoy your triathlon bike shoes as much as we enjoy ours.


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