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Competitive cyclist from the age of fifteen, a young Dino Signori founded SIDI in 1960 (the company takes its name from his initials). In its early days, SIDI was a craftsman’s workshop specializing in mountaineering footwear, but Dino’s passion for two-wheeled sports gradually asserted itself as he introduced a series of technical and fit innovations that span half a century of leadership and collectively define the state of the cycling shoe art.

Now poised on the cusp of its sixth decade, the SIDI tradition continues under the leadership of Maestro Dino. His son Daniele and daughter Rosella conduct much of the company’s day-to-day business with the support of a young, dynamic staff of designers and craftspeople.

The grueling physical environment of competitive cycling and rapid evolution of bicycle technology mean SIDI’s technical staff are constantly focused on research and development using groundbreaking materials. The SIDI design team works closely with many of the greatest teams and champions across the entire range of cycling disciplines, incorporating their feedback into the the most advanced designs in cycling if not the entire technical sports footwear business.

Sidi T2 Carbon Triathlon Bike Shoes

Sidi T2 Carbon Triathlon Bike Shoes

The SIDI T2 Carbon triathlon cycling shoe is our personal favorite. We currently use them. You won't find anything as comfortable and durable as the SIDI T2 Carbon triathlon cycling shoe.

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Sidi T2.6 Carbon Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Sidi T2.6 Carbon Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Serious cyclists prefer SIDI's T2 Carbon shoe. The sleek deign features easy hook-and-loop straps, breathable perforations, and padded linings to comfort you the whole journey through. Unsurpassed technology, style and performance for 50 years make Sidi Cycling Shoes the number-one choice of professional cyclists around the world. Nothing fits champions like Sidi.

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We hope you enjoy your triathlon bike shoes as much as we enjoy ours.


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