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Scott Tri HM Carbon Triathlon Cycling Shoes

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Scott Tri HM Carbon Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Training for an Ironman or really any triathlon is no joke. People who compete in them, be they seasoned competitors or new athletes, train for months, and need to use only the best triathlon gear so that they can be assured that they are comfortable and have optimum performance in their race. Scott Tri HM Carbon triathlon cycling shoes are incredibly durable, lightweight and easy to use, with a few other features that make it the most excellent piece of triathlon apparel that you will ever need.

This triathlon shoe features an ergonomic design that will make you feel like it was created especially for you. As a triathlete you know you can’t take your time during transitions, so you need equipment that will enable you to go all out. You don’t need any hassles in T1 putting on your triathlon shoes and then in T2 changing from biking shoes into your running shoes. Scott Tri HM Carbon triathlon shoes have a soft fabric lining for the maximum in comfort, even without socks. In a sprint triathlon sockless riding can save you serious time in T1. The sole features direct power transfer, with a nylon glass fiber reinforced body for just the right amount of stiffness that you need.

If you’re worried about getting hot feet during your next Ironman or Olympic tri, there is no need to worry because Scott Tri HM Carbon triathlon bike shoes have enough ventilation to make you feel like there is a fan blowing directly at your feet and will keep them cool. Using a special 3D mesh makes all this possible. The outer sole is made of carbon fiber that is co-injected, so it has a two component PU that is responsible for working behind the scenes in making your feet as comfortable as possible.

One of the things that really sets the Scott Tri HM Carbon Triathlon cycling shoes apart from the rest is the special loop on the drive side on each shoe, where you can attach a rubber band discreetly, making it easier to put on the shoes even while you are on the bike. This is truly a revolutionary shoe. The creators of these cycling shoes took in mind everything that triathletes need, and put it in one shoe. Comfort, performance, ventilation, and the little things that make life easier: that’s what this shoe is all about.

  • One velcro strap fastening system for easy step-in
  • Direct power transfer outsole, nylon glassfiber reinforced for absolute stiffness
  • 3D ventilation mesh for a maximum of breathability while having a performance fit
  • Outersole Carbon nylon co-injected, two component PU
  • Innerlining: elastic mesh, four-density EVA Ergologic removable insole

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Scott Tri HM Carbon Triathlon Cycling ShoesScott Tri HM Carbon Triathlon Cycling Shoes

The Scott Tri HM Carbon is an incredibly durable, lightweight, stiff, carbon sole shoe. Single strap design allows for easy entry while the comfortable fabric inside the shoe allows for sockless riding.

Pearl Izumi Try Fly III Triathlon Cycling ShoesPearl Izumi Try Fly III Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Pearl Izumi, directly translated as “fountain of pearls,” is a brand that originated in Japan when the father of a promising triathlete built the very first products for him. Today, they are distributed all over the world, and also known worldwide for the quality and durability of their products.

Louis Garneau Tri HRS Triathlon Cycling ShoesLouis Garneau Tri HRS Triathlon Cycling Shoes

The Louis Garneau Men's Tri HRS triathlon cycling shoe is the perfect balance between the triathlon specific needs and raw performance without sacrificing comfort. No energy will be lost-this shoe is the ultimate tool to transmit your power to your rear wheel.

We hope you enjoy your triathlon bike shoes as much as we enjoy ours.


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