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Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Bike Shoes

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Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Bike Shoes

If you are a serious triathlete then you need serious equipment. When it comes to triathlon shoes, there are a few things that you should look for such as durability, comfort, ventilation, and ease of use. Well look no further because Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Shoes meets and exceeds all of these criteria.

When it comes to durability, you can rest assured that this shoe will last throughout all your training cycles up to the competition itself, no matter how hard you push yourself to run and train to the max. The upper part of the shoe is made of a microfiber nylon mesh, which is one of the most durable materials being used for shoes today. The outsole is made of a high modulus carbon fiber, which is so durable that it was actually first used for making bikes. The lining is made of elastic mesh and it has a four density EVA removable insole.

As for comfort, there is nothing comparable to the comfort that Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Shoes provides. Because the sole is made of HMF carbon fiber, it is both stiff yet comfortable enough that your feet won’t feel abused by the shoe after training, just all the running and biking. When it comes to running, the shoes that the athlete wears need to have that certain degree of stiffness, since a shoe that is too soft and flexible will not provide enough resistance and may lead to injury. The heel cradle is also essential, because it improves power transfer, drops the weight put onto the sole, and it secures the foot. The lining of Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Shoes is made up of a soft and seamless fabric, making it very comfortable for wearing and use, even without socks. And the reality of triathlons is that, most often than not, you don’t really have the time to put on some socks. If you are focusing on sprint triathlons then don’t bother with socks.

The ventilation feature of this shoe is one of the things that have made it into the bestseller that it currently is. It has a RAM air system that keeps air flowing through the shoe permanently, making Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Shoes one of the most ventilated shoes available on the market.

And to make your life even easier, there’s no such thing as shoelaces when it comes to this shoe, because it closes and opens via a single Velcro, reverse pull strap, making it a breeze to get in and out off, and will provide for lightning quick speeds in your changes in between events.

Both the seasoned triathlete and the newbie beginner triathlete just starting out will find much use and comfort in the Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Shoes, simply because these shoes are one of the best triathlon bike shoes in the market today.

  • One velcro strap fastening system for easy step-in
  • Incredibly Durable, lightweight, stiff, carbon sole shoe.
  • comfortable fabric inside the shoe allows for sockless riding.
  • Direct power transfer outsole, nylon glassfiber reinforced for absolute stiffness
  • 3D ventilation mesh for a maximum of breathability while having a performance fit
  • Outersole Carbon nylon co-injected, two component PU
  • Innerlining: elastic mesh, four-density EVA Ergologic removable insole

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We hope you enjoy your triathlon bike shoes as much as we enjoy ours.


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