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Shimano TR70 Triathlon Bike Shoes

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Shimano TR70 Triathlon Bike Shoes

The Shimano TR70 is an elite triathlon cycling shoe. The Shimano Triathlon group meets the relentless demands of the Triathlon/Multi-Sport course with high ventilation, seemless interiors and quick drying mesh for superior comfort without socks. The Shimano SH-TR70 triathlon shoe is designed to help you to faster transitions in comfort and style.

There are many bike shoes in the market today, and finding the right pair for you can be a challenging task. There are many choices to choose from, but finding a pair that fits well is not that easy. Triathlon bike shoes need to fit your foot snugly. Loosely fitting shoes can result in a variety of foot issues when you execute each pedal stroke. On the other hand, if a shoe is too tight, this can also cause undue pain and result in additional injuries. You need shoes that will not result in foot pain after a few hours of use.

You want your triathlon cycling shoes to have stiff soles since this will provide better power transfer. Shoe manufacturers must strike a balance between fit, comfort and the rigidness of the sole. Taking all of these factors into consideration, Shimano has come up with the Shimano TR70 triathlon bike shoes. This is a high performance bike shoe that provides comfort, a very good fit and good power transfer. In fact, Craig Alexander used a pair of Shimano TR70 triathlon cycling shoes when he won in Kona back in the year 2008.

Shimano TR70 triathlon cycling shoes are made with a new technology called the Heat Moldable Custom Fit. This means that the various components of the shoes can be molded to fit a particular rider. The mouldable sections include the insoles and the upper section of the shoe. Moldable foot beds have been used in other shoes before, but never to this degree. By providing extra arch contour to footbeds, Shimano has been able to improve the shoe’s comfort, even after hours of use. Shimano has also broken new ground by being the first manufacturer to provide a mouldable upper shoe section. Moldable shoes used to take time to make and cost a lot of money. Shimano has managed to do the impossible by providing an affordable shoe that can be molded right in the shoe store for the customer’s convenience.

Shimano TR70 triathlon shoes can be molded to provide a custom fit in as short as 30 minutes. You just have to pick the right shoe size, and the bike shop attendant will take your shoes and bake them in an oven for a few minutes. After baking, you can wear your new shoes and the mold sets after a few minutes on your foot. This provides you with a custom fit that other shoes will be hard-pressed to match.

  • Heat-moldable, Custom-Fit technology: a Shimano innovation
  • Ultra-light uni-directional carbon sole for the perfect balance of strength, rigidity and maximum power transfer
  • Structural, vented synthetic micro-fiber leather adds upper support
  • Composite temperature control honey comb mesh
  • Reinforced heel cup and outsole pads for added protection
  • Additional top-strap closure for added support and stability
  • Oversize entry target strap design for fast transitions
  • Seamless, quick-dry interior for comfort without socks

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We hope you enjoy your triathlon bike shoes as much as we enjoy ours.


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