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Shimano WT51 Triathlon Bike Shoes

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Shimano WT51 Triathlon Bike Shoes

Ladies, if you have suffered in your triathlete career because of those age-old triathlon male cycling shoes, your struggle with poorly fitting men’s bike shoes is over. Shimano, the world-famous brand known for its extensive range of high-quality cycling shoes, has introduced the new SH-WT51 triathlon cycling shoes exclusively for that unique womens fit.

The new SH-WT51 is the newest and the latest in Shimano’s range for women-specific triathlon bike footwear and shoes. This elite and multi-sport, new range of bike shoes is manufacturing keeping in mind the shape, sizes and flexibility that a woman feet endorses. The shoes are made with custom fiber and material and structural vents that ensure breathability and give woman a comfortable, natural and perfect grip during triathletes. These vents have been introduced to let regular flow of fresh air reaching your feet to make you feel relaxed, cool, fresh and comfortable. The exterior of the SH-WT51 triathlon cycling shoes is made like a honeycomb mesh to ensure efficient and effective management of temperature modulation and perspiration.

The entry slot in the shoe is also made wide and flaunts an oversized strap design to make sure you get easy, quick and fast transition and making the get in and get out of the shoes easier. This oversized strap lessens the time that you spend in transiting from getting out of the shoes in T1 and then coming down the bike into T2. Since the sole of your feet is the most crucial area and most prone to accidents, Shimano’s new range of women-specific triathlon cycling or bike shoes are designed using light-weight, composite carbon fiber that gives the sole of the shoe added rigidity, strength and maximum fitness transfer. The heel design and structure has also been taken care of by adding a heel cup to the shoe that has been reinforced using neoprene. This heel cup gives you a snug, perfect fit and does not let your feet move inside the shoes while you take over taken over few sprint triathlons. The heel cup and the outsole pads make sure the shoe suits you in all rough and rigid situations and provide added protection. This also provides a more suitable, comfortable and pressure-free fit and wear.

The interior of the shoe has been made seamless with a quick-dry fiber to ensure that there is comfort even when the shoes are worn without socks. To sum up some features that are specific to the Shimano WT51 Triathlon Cycling/Bike Shoes are a sole made of composite carbon fiber, woman-specific last, structural vents to support air to and fro, a big and oversized entry slot, a heel loop for added protection and seamless, cool interior.

So, venture forth and enjoy triathlon’s demands with happy feet using with your new SH-WT51 triathlon cycling/bike shoes. They are a complete package providing you faster and quick transitions, comfortable interiors, and a honeycomb mesh exterior for perfect fit. They are a delight while wear.

  • Equipped with structural vents and custom materials for breathability.
  • Women specific fit for a more natural, comfortable, fit under pressure.
  • Composite temperature control honey comb mesh effectively manages heat and perspiration.
  • Oversize entry target strap design for fast transitions.
  • A Neoprene reinforced heel cup maintains heel structure.
  • The Shimano SH-WT51 has a seamless, quick-dry interior for comfort with out socks.
  • Reinforced heel cup and outsole pads for added protection.

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We hope you enjoy your triathlon bike shoes as much as we enjoy ours.


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